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Knowing True Love

What is real love? How do we define real love? In a group of fiction addicts, it is not uncommon for that question to come up.
Is it hearts, flowers, and a box of chocolate? Is it a warm of fuzzy feeling? Is it acts of service and gifts? Perhaps we can say, “All of the above.” But real love, the unconditional type, the love that changes lives forever, is deeper than that.
Simply put, God is love.
We’re not just talking about any god. This is not a god of rules and regulations, traditions and rituals, or denominations and church buildings.
This is the God who loved us so much He was willing to sacrifice everything to erase the sins that were separating us. This is the God who let His only Son die so we could be forgiven.
That, my friend, is real love.
This love is available to anyone who wants it, but you do have to willingly accept it. It is entirely free. All you have to do is believe that Jesus, the Son of God, really did come to earth and die to pay for you sins then rise to conquer them. That’s all you have to do to experience the truest form of love ever known!

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