Inspiring Tomorrow by Giving Books Today


Thank you for looking into The Literature Lost and Found Project. The following are a list of guidelines that define what types of books we hope to hand out. You can visit the Requested Books page for a list of books we would like to donate. We are open to recommendations, but we ask that you Contact Us first with you suggestion. At the moment we are only asking for fiction. Please only send books. We cannot accept money.

Thank you so much for your help!

New and used copies:
We welcome used copies, however, please remember that you are giving this as a gift to someone. Copies with excessive wear, torn, bent, or stained pages will not be distributed. So, before you send us a used book, ask yourself if you would like to receive it as a gift.
New copies are welcome as well. Many online websites will allow you to order a book and send it directly to us if you would prefer that method. Books listed on our Requested Books page have links to inexpensive copies.
Amazon and Barnes and Noble offer free shipping on orders over $25 dollars. Barnes and Noble also offer discounts and free shipping on any order to their members.
These are just suggestions. The ultimate shipping choice is up to you.

What we are looking for:
The Literature Lost and Found Project is looking for books that are uplifting and promote morality and virtue. We are open to both classical and contemporary authors and most genres. When you are looking through our list or your own library, try to think of books that have positively impacted you over the years.

What we are NOT looking for:
Please do not send us books with graphic violence, sex, or language. No vampires, witches, wizards, zombies, or glorification of anything that is traditionally an evil theme. Please do not send anything that can be classified as “horror” or carries a theme that can be considered disturbing.
For example: A story about a degenerated society where children are asked to hunt each other or engage in bizarre behavior is NOT uplifting.

Your donations are greatly appreciated. Books have an amazing ability to bless and encourage everyone! Remember to spread the word.

God bless,
The Literature Lost and Found Project