Inspiring Tomorrow by Giving Books Today


The Literature Lost and Found ProjectWhat is The Literature Lost and Found Project? Simply put, our group collects donated books and hands them out for free to youth groups and programs.

Why do we do this? Sometimes the smallest gestures can leave the biggest impact on people’s lives. Giving gifts can brighten a day and let people know that we care. And there are a lot of young people today who need to know someone cares about them. The reason we chose to center on books is they often leave big impressions on our lives. Most of us can remember the books that really left an impression or even changed us.

Unfortunately, the books primarily marketed to young adults are increasingly dark, depressing, or, frankly, twisted. Even some of the greatest classics are being rewritten to reflect this trend while the originals are shuffled into the background.

At The Literature Lost and Found Project we long to reintroduce the great authors of the past and bring the uplifting contemporary authors into the light. And the best part of this mission is we get to make people smile as we go about our business! We’re asking you to join us in this project by donating books. Making someone’s day brighter is just that simple.

Please visit our Guidelines page to learn how and what to donate. To make things even easier, we’ve put together a list of books we would like to give out and each one is linked to an online shop that is offering a copy of the book. However, the method of donating is up to you. We are open to book recommendations, but we ask that you Contact Us with your suggestions before shipping the books.

Finally, we ask that, whatever you are able to do, please SPREAD THE WORD about this project! The more people who hear about this, the more lives we’ll be able to touch.

Thank you so much for your help. This donation might seem small, but in reality a gift like this can make a big difference in a young life.
God Bless,
The Literature Lost and Found Project

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